Whangamata SLSC has a proud history in surf sports and the discipline is an integral part of life-saving at Whangamata SLSC. We encourage all lifeguards to participate in rescue style events to ensure that their fitness is kept up to a high standard by creating friendly competition within the club.

Training for and participation in Surf Sports enables Lifeguards builds strong guards by improving their lifesaving skills, fitness, strength and resilience. Junior Surf athletes (the Oceans squad) through to Masters compete in a variety of aquatic and beach events testing their fitness and surf skills against nature and one another.

With a dedicated professional coach for its Oceans and Senior squads Whangamata SLSC ensures all members have the right training towards each surf discipline which has seen the club win numerous gold silver bronze and National titles over the years with one member representing New Zealand in the Black Fins squad.

Surf Sports disciplines include swim, tube rescue, team surf race, board, ski, run, ironman, canoe, surf boat and inshore rescue boat (IRB). Events are held over the summer providing local, national and international competition for Surf Sports Lifeguards. Surf Lifesaving New Zealand also holds regional and national pool competitions where clubs get the chance to compete against one and another in rescue, obstacle, and swimming races.