Training Information


Training information will be continually updated on the “WSLSC Life Saving Sport” facebook page. Make a request if you are not already on it.


The training programme for the season is split into three parts:

Early Season

Trainings pre Christmas will be held in Whangamata on the weekends & in Auckland & Cambridge during the week. Keep on eye in the Facebook page for timing of trainings and any changes.

Peak Season

Trainings will be held daily (except Thursdays) in Whangamata from mid December through to the end of the school holidays.

Post Peak season

After the School holidays we revert back to the early season training program.

During peak season the week’s training schedule will be available from the Coach every Sunday; it will also be posted onto the Surf Sports Facebook page.


Athletes will attend the appropriate number of training sessions in order to meet/exceed their goals and

  • will be at training 15 minutes before start time to warm up
  • have all gear ready
  • treat gear with respect; carry it properly, wash it down and store it correctly
  • live our WhangaFam values and be a positive role model
  • respect the coach, fellow competitors, parents, team members and officials
  • abide by the rules of the club


Please ensure the following gear is brought to all training sessions:

  • Swimwear
  • Goggles
  • Towel
  • Running shoes
  • General exercise gear
  • Drink bottle and water
  • Hi Viz vest