Pathway Programme

About the pathway programme

Qualifying age 9 to 14 years

With its own dedicated Lead Coach, this programme is offered in addition to Junior Surf and aims to keep children engaged within the club, developing their skills and confidence in the water to the next level.

It gives participants who love the water the chance to recreate alongside kids of a similar age and provides an opportunity to build their land and ocean skills to a point where they can elect to move to the Ocean Athletes group in Surf Sports if they wish to train and compete in surf sports for the club (see below for details).  Kneeboarding skills and swimming and key aspects of this programme.

Dates and times

28, 29, 30 and 31 December then Wednesday – Sunday from January 4 to January 29 2023. 4 – 5 pm


Cost is an additional $150 per child which is a contribution to coaching costs and gear used in the programme.

Requirements for Pathway Programme

  • Junior Surf membership $65.00
  • A high viz vest must be worn in the water
  • Must hold a current 200-meter safety badge (swim test)

Oceans Athletes  (10 – 14 year olds)

The Ocean Athletes squad is run independently of Junior Surf and are our next generation of sports stars. In this programme athletes receive coaching from the club’s Lead Coach they are provided the best possible environment to develop and grow, with the aim to ultimately compete at the annual Oceans athlete carnival. There are additional costs for this programme; if you are interested please see the Junior Surf Lead for details.